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电子元器件low Volume Pcb Assembly The Future Developmentlow

1.Shenzhen Jie Du State Technology Co., Ltd.has a group of high-quality, experienced, responsibility, in particular actual combat experience professionals of Low volume PCB assemblyx19b6542n. Our customers all over the country and overseas ,with its unique geographical advantage and comprehensive diversified information ch 2.Jieduo state technologyLow volume pcb assembly The following is an introduction to the ten most effective design rules that electronic design engineers should keep in mind and practice when designing and commercializing PCB layouts using design software. Engineers do not have to follow these rules in turn by time or relative importance, and they can greatly change their product design by simply following them. Rule 1: Select the correct grid - set and always use the grid spacing that can match the most components. Although multiple grids seem to be useful, engineers can avoid problems at intervals and maximize boarding if they can think more about PCB layouts early. Since many devices are available in a variety of package sizes, engineers should use products that are best for their own design. Further, the circuit board copper polygon essential multigrid circuit boards polygons filled polygon is performed will generally have variations, although not based on a single grid then the standard, but may be provided beyond the desired useful life of the circuit board The Rule two: keep the path the shortest and most direct. This sounds simple, but at every stage, even if it means changing the board layout to optimize the cabling length, keep it in mind. This is especially true for system performance that is always partially limited by impedance and parasitic effects of analog and high-speed digital circuits. Rule 3: Use the power tier to manage the distribution of the power cord and ground as much as possible. The copper layer of the power supply layer is a quicker and simpler option for most PCB design software. By sharing a large number of wires, it is guaranteed to provide the highest efficiency with minimal current or voltage drop, while providing adequate ground return paths. If possible, you can also run multiple power lines in the same area of the board to see if the ground plane covers most of the layers of a PCB, which facilitates the interaction between lines running on adjacent layers. Rule 4: Group the relevant components together with the required test points. For example: The discrete components required for the operational amplifier OpAmp placed in the part close to the device from the bypass capacitor and the resistor can be co-located therewith, to help optimize the wiring length mentioned two rules, while also allowing testing and fault detection Become more simple. Rule 5: the need for the circuit board in another larger circuit board to repeat multiple copies of PCB make-up. Choosing the size of the equipment that is best suited to the manufacturer will help reduce the prototype design and manufacturing costs. First performed on the panel circuit board layout, the circuit board contact the manufacturer to obtain their preferred sizes of each panel, and then modify your design specifications, and try to be repeated several times in your design within these panel sizes. is focused on One-stop turnkey PCB assembly, Buy good custom PCB assembly, Quick turn PCB assembly professional brand, Better Low volume PCB assembly and other projects. even though in the rapid development of the project ,Jieduo state technology always stressed the balance between external opportunities and internal management, attaches great importance to the core compet 3.Having been sustained and stable growth, we always adhere to the scientific and humane management philosophy of making the best use of men and material and providing the best service wholeheartedly. Attach importance to a marketing idea of low profit brin
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