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Parrots For Sale

Dear Customer, We are putting birds' welfare first, as well as encouraging educated and responsible keeping of exotic birds.We do sell exotic pet birds for pet lovers, pet shops,pet breeders as well as those who are starters. For first timers we do offer information on care,feeding,cage location,free flight room setting and health management. AVAILABLE SUB SPECIES Citron-Crested Cockatoo Ducorps Corella Goffins Cockatoo Lesser Sulfur-Crested Cockatoo Little Corella Long-Billed Corella Major Mitchell's Cockatoo Moluccan Cockatoo Palm Cockatoo Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo Umbrella Cockatoo Galah Cockatiel An outstanding beautiful and healthy type of parrot, it’s no wonder the Yellow crested Cockatoo is the favorite of many. As well as a wonderful color combination, many of these birds have a very amiable temperament to match. Gentle and loving, many will delight in rolling onto their back for a tummy rub! Baby Yellow crested Cockatoo that we've bred have been bought and trained by Colchester Zoo for their free-flight and educational displays, and also appeared on a television series about the zoo. We've also had a pair featured on the ‘Wildlife on 1’ television series. Contact now to get yours — Ownership Papers — DNA Tested Papers — Some Playing Toys — Update Photos — 1 Year Health Guarantee card — Certificate of Veterinary Inspection — Micro-Chipped (In case ever lost or stolen) Whatsapp number :+49 1521 0222598 my email

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