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9Factory Direct Machining Manufactureris Worth Having

1.Shenzhen Tianyang Precision Limitedlocated in Guangdong Province,Shenzhen City,Longgang District,3rd floor, D building, GongChuangYing Industry Area, No.8 BaoDan Road, NanWan, Buji. Longgang, Shenzhen, GuangDong. China,with elegant environment and information delivered smoothly.Tianyang LTD is a specialized cnc milling companyx1fb1172n,cnc machining parts company. 2.Tianyang Type of mechanical equipment Punching equipment The stamping equipment must have the following safety facilities: The stamping equipment should be nameplate, all kinds of instructions, safety and warning indicator; The power supply wiring should be standard equipment, cable should not damage, prevent aging; The distribution box door, stamping equipment should take the key to open the door, automatically cut off the power supply; The conversion of single and continuous, foot stamping operation should be used with a key lock switch; The stamping equipment operating a single trip, there shall be no continuous punching stroke; The selection of continuous stroke operation, it should operate with the process control action link; The stamping equipment must have an emergency stop button, and should be able to self; The pedal operation and hand operation should have chain control; On the drive gear, exposed to the fuselage and the fuselage top pulley, the flywheel and lever transmission parts should be installed security guard; And the pedal brake pedal operation, electrical controlled by foot switch, and can automatically reset; The pedal and the upper protective cover on both sides should be non slip, pedal; In the stamping equipment must have the safety protection measures to prevent hand into the mold closed, the use of units should be based on the type of equipment, production of stamping workpiece shape in different situations, adopt automatic feeding, equipped with safety protection device, safe use from feeding mould and special tool stamping work safety measures. Three tests of electrical system (protection grounding, insulation, pressure test) are regularly tested and tested. Each stamping equipment should have "stamping equipment safety of machinery with card", and in the period of validity. special equipment Pressure vessel Special equipment is a special motor vehicle that involves life safety and danger, such as boilers, pressure vessels (including gas cylinders), pressure pipes, elevators, lifting appliances, passenger ropeways, large amusement facilities and field (factories). Special equipment includes materials used, attached safety accessories, safety protection devices and facilities related to safety protection devices. The boiler is refers to the use of various fuels, electricity or other energy, liquid contained will be heated to a certain parameter, sealed equipment and carrying a certain pressure, the scope of the provisions for the volume is greater than or equal to the pressure 30L steam boiler; outlet pressure is greater than or equal to 0.1MPa (surface pressure), and the rated power is greater than or equal to the pressure of hot water 0.1MW boiler; organic heat carrier boiler. The pressure container is a sealed equipment for gas or liquid, carrying a certain pressure, the scope of the provisions for the maximum working pressure is greater than or equal to 0.1MPa (g), gas, and the product of pressure and volume is greater than or equal to 2.5MPa - L of the liquefied gas and the highest working temperature is higher than the fixed and mobile container or container is equal to the standard boiling point the liquid containing; nominal working pressure is greater than or equal to 0.2MPa (g), gas, and the product of pressure and volume is greater than or equal to 1.0MPa - L of the liquefied gas and the standard boiling point is equal to or lower than 60 DEG C liquid oxygen cylinders; etc.. Pressure pipeline refers to the use of certain pressure, tubular equipment used for transferring gas or liquid, the scope of the provisions for the maximum working pressure is greater than or equal to 0.1MPa (g) gas, liquefied gas and steam medium or combustible, explosive, toxic, corrosive, high working temperature is higher than or equal to the normal boiling point of the liquid medium, pipeline and the nominal diameter greater than 25mm. Elevator refers to the power drive, the use of rigid box running box or along the fixed line running step (step), to lift or parallel transport of human and cargo mechanical and electrical equipment, including manned (cargo) elevator, escalator, automatic sidewalk and so on. Crane is used for electromechanical equipment of vertical and horizontal or vertical lifting moving heavy objects, the scope of the provisions for the rated lifting weight greater than or equal to 0.5T lift; rated lifting weight is greater than or equal to 1t, and the lifting height is greater than or equal to 2M and the electric hoist crane heavy fixed form etc.. Passenger ropeway refers to the power driven equipment, such as passenger aerial cableway, passenger cable car and passenger dragging cableway. Large amusement facilities refer to facilities for carrying out business purposes and carrying passengers amusement. The range is designed to operate at a maximum speed of operation greater than or equal to 2m/s, or a manned large recreational facility that runs at a height higher than or equal to 2m. The special motor vehicle in field (factory) refers to the special motor vehicle that is used only in factories, factories, tourist attractions, playgrounds and other specific areas besides road traffic and farm vehicles. is focused on custom milling latest market quotes, Decades of professional field cnc turning, Beautiful precision turning, aerospace machining the latest list and other projects. even though in the rapid development of the project ,Tianyang always stressed the balance between external opportunities and internal management, attaches great importance to the core competitiveness of enterprises to cultivate and shape. Our company take the value of customer service as the core competitiveness of enterprises, adhering to the honesty and integrity , the pursuit of excellence, respect individual for the corporate spirit, and strive to provide customers with integrity and reliable digital controlled turning parts, CNC lathe processing parts. 3.Tianyangadheres to advance with the times and advocates to the service-oriented,faith-based, people-oriented management idea. With a belief of customer first to forge ahead , company insists on providing our clients with satisfying and best service ofcustom cnc milling,precision machining,

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