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Top 9 Causes For The Eye Pain

Eye pain is a condition in which there is a sudden feeling of discomfort in or around one or both eyes. It may also cause blurred vision, itching, redness, or watery eyes. Eye pain can be caused by rubbing the eyes, working on a computer screen for a long time, wearing the wrong glasses, falling something in the eyes. Pain around the eyes can also be caused by a sinus infection. This includes pain around the eyes and pain and pressure in the eyeball. Sometimes there is a pain in the eye due to problems in different parts of the eyes as well. Treatment of an eye pain depends on its severity and intensity. There are other treatments available for severe dry eye problems, but some home remedies can also treat mild eye problems. If you or your loved one has suffered a serious eye injury, don't worry and seek medical attention as soon as possible. To learn more about causes of eye injury read our blog You can call us or visit us at Specialty Care Clinics. Our experienced doctor will treat you and take cake of your health. Call on 469-545-9983 to book an appointment.

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